Vision Statement

Vision Statement

We are very keen to make sure we stay close to our original values when the project was first conceived, which is to create a Bitcoin Circular Economy based on the Lightning Network that relies on open source, decentralised processes. We welcome anyone who is open and honest to help. This project is ultimately about offering service to our community. It needs to run as profitable enterprise, but the focus is on giving to the community. There maybe profitable off shoots of the project that could turn out to be lucrative, but again, the focus should be on giving, not receiving. This is not a number go-up, get rich project. Ultimately, we’re in the good karma business. Anything else is a bonus. Obviously, this is a BTC only project, so just don’t even go there with other coins… ever! So as I see it, Bitcoin Jungle can be divided into 3 parts at this juncture:

  • Bitcoin Jungle Wallet. Operates more like a charity, but not a charity, too hard to do here in Costa Rica.
  • Primary focus is signing up individuals to the Bitcoin Jungle Wallet. Allowing simple onboarding of small venders to accept Bitcoin. 
  • Creating community projects to air-drop the community sats
    Educational Events for businesses and locals.
  • On boarding node operators to increase the network.
  • Providing advertisement and PR for Bitcoin Jungle Ecosystem.
  • Recycles profits back into community projects. As it has no primary commercial actions, can ask for donations which get recycled straight into the community.

Bitcoin POS Solutions Provider - Helping larger companies/entities onboard Bitcoin Business solutions. Example, Bitcoin payments for the Ferria website, Jungle Academy Tuition Fees, Bitcoin Hotels etc etc… There will be many companies that will need bespoke paid solutions as the ecosystem expands. 
This is a commercial business that the Bitcoin Jungle Wallet project can recommend.

Again, this is an entirely separate business. 
It’s a lot of work providing services for technically advanced equipment, and a lot of responsibility. This service is absolutely critical to the success of the Bitcoin Jungle Wallet project, but the more I think about it, the more I believe the community wallet project should not be providing this service exclusively. It needs to be outsourced to a separate entity. All of the above is going to be a lot work and as the project gets bigger we could really do with people who have skills sets to take on different roles like,

  • PR and media
  • Web design and management
  • Accounting
  • Events organiser, or whatever other great skill-sets you have that could help the project.

Again, these are roles motivated by service to the community, not paid.