The Secret for Success

Congratulations to Galoy for raising $3,000,000 to onboard communities and institutions to Bitcoin and Lightning!

In a recent speech given at the Adopting Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador, Co-founder of Galoy, Chris Hunter, retold his experience of the company’s early days. As a new start-up, when they initially approached investors they received polite overtures of approvable accompanied by firm rejections for any money. Across the crypto space, huge sums of money were pouring into ‘DEFI’, yet Galoy was un-investable!

Undeterred, Galoy’s other Co-founder Nicholas Burtey flew to El Salvador to create the Bitcoin Beach Wallet and the rest, as they say, is history. 

At this juncture, it is prudent to ponder, how it possible that a company deemed un-investable could go on to create a solution for a tiny, unheard of surf town, which would go on to change a little-known country, which in turn would change the world as we know it?

The answer is simple:

Galoy’s wallet is an open source, decentralized solution and open-source decentralisation beats centralisation every time. 

Buzzwords like the above are often bounced around but rarely adhered to.

Because Galoy is exactly what is says it is on the tin, it has managed to quickly float to the top, erstwhile other projects, bloated with over-investment, flounder as they offer decentralized finance in name only. 

Down here in Costa Rica, When we were considering opening up our own Bitcoin Circular Economy, the Galoy wallet was the obvious solution. We were quickly able to adapt it into a native solution serving the needs of our unique community. We needed no permissions from anyone accept ourselves to proceed.

The peaceful, financial revolution is upon us and will be grow exponentially as communities across the globe switch to a Bitcoin standard. Open-source wallets like Galoy’s will help pioneer the way. Bitcoin Jungle looks forward to working even closer with them in the years to come.

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