The End of Hodling!

The era of Holding is over!

‘What?’ I hear you say, ‘’I’m never spending my stack!’

Ok, hear me out for a minute.

The reality is, if we want to achieve the hyperbitcoinized world we dream about, now is the time to start spending some sats and give up hardcore Hodling. It will actually elevate you into the next realm of Bitcoin ownership. 

There are some caveats to this new rule, I’ll explain.

If you just got into Bitcoin and have not experienced a full, four year cycle. You can still Hodl. Infact, you need to learn how to Hodl. This current dip is a good lesson in maintaining your nerve and learning to ride the tumultuous waves created by the collapsing dollar. 

But…… if you’ve been in Bitcoin for one full cycle or more, or own a decent amount of corn, it’s time to load up your Lightning Wallets and start spreading the love. 

You have a moral obligation as Pleb to do this. In the past, almost everyone coming to Bitcoin came through large exchanges. The new epoch of Bitcoin ownership is onboarding first-timers through the exchange of honest work for sats. Lightning based economies are popping up all over the world, and people are now trading and stacking sats in return for pure human energy. 

In places like El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and South Africa, Bitcoin is manifesting in its purest embodiment, or an exchange of human energy for electrical energy that can maintain its value for many years into the future. This interaction is reduced to the purest form of commerce. The seller sells, the buyer buys, and not a single sat is lost or stolen to anyone outside the immediate deal. This is next level stuff, that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated

So, it’s time to look at your stack and ask, how much of this am I willing to let go to create the hyperbitcoinized world I yearn to live in?

The fire’s have been lit.

The economic revolution is gaining momentum.

Bitcoin communities are forming,

Bitcoin economies are growing, and as a Hodler, you are sitting on the oxygen they need to grow. 

Often, Bitcoin’s narrative is dominated by the big players. When will the next country adopt Bitcoin? When will the next MicroStrategy appear? However, the real work in creating Bitcoin economies is happening by onboarding people one dollar at a time onto the Lighting Network. I recently quipped on Twitter, that people in the Eco Markets in Costa Rica or El Zonte understand Lightning better than the likes of Elon Musk, and this is absolutely true. 

This is something you also need to ask yourself. “Do I really understand the powerful potential of the Lightning Network? If you find yourself answering yes, then you are no longer a hodler. You are a Sharer of Sats.

The evolution upwards is inevitable, it’s time to embrace it.

How can you be part of this new epoch?

Load up your Lightning Wallet.

Consider creating Bitcoin Circular economies in your area. If you can’t do this, support the many Bitcoin Circular Economies that have already started.

If you have the inclination, get on a plane and actually visit these communities and go share sats and make life-long human connections. If you can’t do this, send sats, so the communities can airdrop.

Hodling is soooooooooo last year, now we share.


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