Simplicity – Bitcoin Jungle Goes Live!

There’s an interesting story that goes something like this:

During the height of the Space Race, NASA allocated serious amounts of boffin power and money trying to solve the multitude of unique problems associated with getting a pen to work in zero gravity. While describing the complex project to an outside colleague, a child innocently asked, “why not just use a pencil? The simple genius in the answer reminds us that often as humans, we gravitate to more complex solutions and regularly ignore the simple and obvious. Often, this happens so we can gain some credit and/or propriety for our hard work. The solution may not be the best for everyone, but it’s is the best for us. 

The humble pencil is the ultimate decentralized, open-source solution for a plethora of human problems, and as stated in a previous blog, decentralized and open source always beats centralization. 

It occurs to me, that in the multi-billion dollar world of decentralized finance and banking, what Galoy has created with its Lightning open-source wallet is a pencil. It works everywhere, it is easy to use and can be adapted quickly to solve local problems with the minimum of fuss.  

Yesterday in Dominical, a small surfing town on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, we took the simple open source solution that Galoy has created and introduced it live to the community. People took to the wallet as easy as using a pencil for the first time. On our first day, we signed-up well over 60% of all the merchants at the market and scores of Bitcoin, first time users. This was all made possible by the simplicity of the solution on offer. 

For me, the highlight of the day was helping someone purchase something with their new wallet who was 50 sats short. In an instant, I sent him an extra 50sats. At that time, I swear I felt the Matrix glitch for the briefest of seconds. 

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