Helping Merchants achieve more autonomy

Helping stores accept Bitcoin in online and physical stores

Last weekend, we helped integrate Dominical Feria’s website to accept Bitcoin.

This is small step towards achieving more monetary autonomy for our local economy that we hope many other merchants will become a part of. Dominical Feria gets to keep more of the proceeds from the sales in its online store. Over 95% more savings compared to using traditional credit card processors.

Whether you have an online store or physical one. We can help integrate with most online store frameworks like Woo-commerce or Shopify or POS terminals in stores. There is no minimum for a transaction. Over the weekend during our first meetup event at the Awake Center in Uvita, we showed a transaction of 1 Colones between two Bitcoin Jungle wallets. There was no fees of-course!

Transactions settle instantly. And there are no charge-backs.

Join the revolution! Contact Us to help get you started using Bitcoin for your stores.