“Great things are born from small actions.”

Today we shook the world of commerce in Costa Rica. 

We didn’t buy or sell anything, but instead transferred Sats from one Bitcoin Jungle Wallet to another. Our audience, a motley group of Eco-venders at a Green Farmer’s market in the southern, surf town of Dominical seemed genuinely interested in our demonstration. Next week the same vendors will be trading real Sats on their own, and we’ll be another small step along the road to a Bitcoin Circular Economy in the land of ‘Pura Vida’. 

Like most things in Bitcoin, the story of how we got to this point so rapidly has nothing to do with top-down directives, big money or big tech. Instead it was achieved by three strangers having roughly the same idea at the same time and being brought together through equal measures of serendipity and personal conviction. 

The detailed story of how we all met can be saved for another day, as the purpose of this post is to highlight the power of small steps when working on huge projects. 

The energy behind Bitcoin these days can sometimes feel overwhelming, and as an ordinary pleb we can be mistaken into thinking our power and ability to help shape the world we want to live in is limited outside of venting on Twitter. But if we break down our dreams into small achievable goals, then suddenly passageways open up and like-minded strangers step up to help. 

For us in sleepy, southern Costa Rica, the first small step was the realization that our community was primed to walk on the road to hyperbitcoinization. Our community size and distribution is not like El Zonte in El Salvador. Rather our Bitcoin Jungle project covers a triangulation of five, fairly large towns that are more than 30km apart from point-to-point. What unites these towns is a shared ethos and energy to build a better world.

And this was our first step, a recognition of the parameters for the project, or as we like to say here in Costa Rica, identifying our tribe. 

Across the world, we believe there are thousands of similar communities primed to take the first step on the road to hyperbitcoinization. Bitcoin citadels don’t necessarily have to have walls. People are already living and working within them, they just don’t know it yet. All it needs are a few brave plebs to guide the way: to take the first small steps into a brighter, bigger future. 

You can follow the Bitcoin Jungle Project more on Twitter @BitcoinJungleCR, or me @RichScotford