Community vs Individualism

If you hang out on Bitcoin Twitter long enough, you could be mistaken into thinking that most Bitcoiners come from a certain political leaning. If you are to believe all you hear, you may come to conclusion that those who are ‘left leaning environmentalists’ are just not going to get Bitcoin anytime soon. 

Well, in Costa Rica, we’re about to turn all these stereo types on their heads. 

Let’s start with the country itself. By American standards, Costa Rica is on the socialist spectrum. We have a modern, functioning, affordable, socialized healthcare system, and employment laws that heavily protect employees, not employers. The current government is progressive, centre left and has to navigate long-held, traditional Catholic values. Generally, Costa Ricans have pride in their democratic governance model, but are also not afraid to take on the their leaders head-on. As was demonstrated recently when the government tried to increase taxes to pay for IMF loans. Costa Ricans united with strong unions and shut down the entire country. Winning that particular fight. A Pura Vida outlook, also means that most Costa Ricans have a very strong sense of community and not an individualistic mindset on life. 

Layered on top of this, we have 100,000s of foreigners from all over the world living here and calling Costa Rica home.

I certainty can’t speak for all foreigners, but the target market for the launch of the Bitcoin Jungle Wallet are the antithesis of the Bitcoin stereo types we are often bombarded with online. To boot, the Eco Feria Market where we launched is a hub of communal based values, heavily influenced by traditional indigenous culture and jungle medicines. This ain’t Texas or Miami by a long shot! People are not excited by the idea of ‘fuck you money’ and sovereign citadels. Instead, the explosive uptake we have witnessed of the Bitcoin Jungle wallet here in the area comes from a recognition that Bitcoin can connect people on deeper levels and has the potential to build spiritually intentional communities and projects that truly recognize the value of things and people.

In Costa Rica, Mother Earth, or Pachamama reigns supreme, and reconnecting to her requires healing our long broken sense of value. Simply put, as a species, we have long-since forgotten how to value things correctly. In Jungle medicine, we often talk about crossing the bridge to realize our true selves, and having a fledgling Bitcoin economy, that values things as they should be, makes this journey so much easier. This is why the Bitcoin Jungle project has gained so much traction so quickly.

For me, Bitcoin has always been about connectivity, I believe in 2022, the rise of Bitcoin as the super connecter will take-off exponentially. Community and collectivism will eclipse individualism, probably to the chagrin of a few outspoken Bitcoiners.

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