End of Hodling

The End of Hodling!

The era of Holding is over! ‘What?’ I hear you say, ‘’I’m never spending my stack!’ Ok, hear me out for a minute. The reality is, if we want to achieve the hyperbitcoinized world we dream about, now is the

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Why Bitcoin?

We’ve heard some suggestions to issue our own token or to use something other than Bitcoin. This article will attempt to simply explain this complex topic of why using anything other than Bitcoin is a bad idea.  Let’s start by

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Community vs Individualism

If you hang out on Bitcoin Twitter long enough, you could be mistaken into thinking that most Bitcoiners come from a certain political leaning. If you are to believe all you hear, you may come to conclusion that those who

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Bitcoin and the Allegory of the Cave

Bitcoin and The Allegory of the Cave

2500 years ago Plato penned an allegory that described prisoners being chained to the walls in a cave for all their lives, facing a blank wall. These prisoners watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of

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Simplicity – Bitcoin Jungle Goes Live!

There’s an interesting story that goes something like this: During the height of the Space Race, NASA allocated serious amounts of boffin power and money trying to solve the multitude of unique problems associated with getting a pen to work

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The Secret for Success

Congratulations to Galoy for raising $3,000,000 to onboard communities and institutions to Bitcoin and Lightning! In a recent speech given at the Adopting Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador, Co-founder of Galoy, Chris Hunter, retold his experience of the company’s early

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“Great things are born from small actions.”

Today we shook the world of commerce in Costa Rica.  We didn’t buy or sell anything, but instead transferred Sats from one Bitcoin Jungle Wallet to another. Our audience, a motley group of Eco-venders at a Green Farmer’s market in

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Helping Merchants achieve more autonomy

Helping stores accept Bitcoin in online and physical stores Last weekend, we helped integrate Dominical Feria’s website to accept Bitcoin. This is small step towards achieving more monetary autonomy for our local economy that we hope many other merchants will

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